Student Testimonials

Shruti Patel

STOTT PILATES Certified Instructor Shruti Patel tells us more about her journey to become an internationally recognised Pilates teacher taking all her certification courses and workshops at Real Pilates, the Merrithew™ Licensed Training Centre in Dubai (United Arab Emirates).

Functional Anatomy

I want to reiterate how fantastic I found the FA course. I wasn't sure what to expect at all and was so pleasantly surprised. I went in with virtually no knowledge of FA and have come out having learnt so much. The instructor was exceptional and explained everything so brilliantly. At no point did I feel out of my depth and even when I was confused, I never felt foolish or unable to ask questions which I think is hugely important for an absolute beginner. Having completed this, I'm now very much looking forward to the next one and much less apprehensive at embarking on further learning. - Abi W.

Intensive Mat Plus

The Instructor Trainer made the course pass by so fast - the 5 hours every day seemed short and that made me love the material. I'd definitely take another course with her. - Layal J.

Excellent equipment, facility, staff and instructor! This was one of my best STOTT PILATES courses so far! I liked the fact that the instructor trainer kept things moving - such motivation and passion! - Nicole L.

I think the Mat course has been fantastic. I've really enjoyed it and learnt so much. - Camilla Q.

Paul has great amount of knowledge about Pilates, anatomy and the way the body moves. He was able to share this knowledge with us with ease during the course. - Terri S.

The course was intense but really good. Both Jennifer and Paul are incredibly knowledgeable and very inspiring. - Fiona P.

Jennifer has a brilliant teaching style and is very approachable. - Tegan H.

Intensive Reformer

As always Real Pilates goes beyond my expectations. The training was excellent! Thank you Jennifer & Michelle; I want to be like you when I grow up (he he). - Jessica S.

This Reformer course was very interesting and the instructor displayed a wonderfully positive attitude, extreme knowledge and expertise. It was such a great experience I'm sorry it was over so soon! - Enas R.

Both Instructor Trainers were fabulous! The Reformer course was really educational, informative and fun. I learnt a lot and look forward to do my complete certification. - Nisreen K.

Very inspiring course and instructor trainer! Jennifer is the best of the best. - Ekaterina L.

Intensive Cadillac

This course was excellent. The teacher trainer was able to teach us all the repertoire and also demonstrate how the equipment helps in relation to other repertoires. - Terri-Anne S.

Intensive Chair

Another fantastic course at Real Pilates with a very knowledgeable instructor. I'm really happy I could take part in this Stability Chair course. - Rebecca C

This Chair course was a great experience; the teacher was very approachable with outstanding knowledgeable. I look forward to my next course! - Hedieh M.

Intensive Barrels

I found this course to be very useful. - Taru C.

Really enjoyed this Barrels course; the Instructor Trainers at RP are always awesome! - Anonymous

Injuries & Special Populations

A massively interesting and informative course. I thoroughly enjoyed acquiring all this additional new knowledge. - Anonymous

I look forward to utilising all the new information learnt in this ISP course in my programming. - Dora F.

The ISP course was so great and full of content. - Niloufar N.

Advanced Mat

The exercises were pretty intense but the Instructor Trainer, has incredible knowledge so she made it easy to understand. - Fiona P.

Paul is an incredible Instructor Trainer, very clear and concise. - Jennifer M.

Total Barre

What a great course! I feel it was the appropriate length with great content. - Anonymous

The training was fantastic! - Shobhana S.

The training was great and the Instructor Trainer, was awesome. I truly loved and enjoyed every bit of it! - Enas R.

Fascial Movement

I took the Merrithew Fascia course last year and have been doing classes at the studio since last September. I am completely hooked and find that my body has never felt so good and has never been as strong. I am very keen to take the Fascia course again so that I can hear the information again as I find there is so much to take in. - Patsy B.