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Why our instructors are so incredible

Real Pilates is powered and driven by inspirational people who are dedicated to making a difference to your lives. We’re holistic to the core, open, honest, calm, caring and highly accessible.

Jumeirah Crew

Csilla headhsot B&W.jpg


Pilates Instructor

With over 10 years experience in the Fitness Industry, Csilla is a Certified STOTT PILATES Instructor in Mat, Reformer, Cadillac, Chair & Barrels. She is also qualified in pre and post-natal Pilates.

Her passion for Pilates stemmed from personal experience, as she suffered an ankle injury while running the New York Marathon in 2010, and saw first-hand the remarkable effects Pilates had on her rehabilitation. Being a triathlete, Pilates soon became part of Csilla’s everyday routine in a quest to remain strong and injury free. Csilla then embarked on her journey of becoming a Pilates instructor, and has trained in London, Czech Republic, Malaysia and Dubai.

Csilla moved to the UAE in 2012, and has worked in both Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

She teaches private Pilates sessions and group Pilates classes,

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Jenny (maternity leave)

Pilates & Barre Instructor

Jenny’s interest in Pilates started after 12 years as a competitive figure skater, dancer and gymnast in Australia. She continued regular Pilates sessions whilst studying business at university, and the classes were always the highlight of her day. After 3 years in a corporate working environment and battling some ongoing back issues, her passion for Pilates led her to become a certified Pilates instructor in 2009.

She is also a certified Personal Trainer, Barre Instructor, TRX/Suspension trainer, Post-Rehabilitation & FMS certified, and spent many years as a course presenter in Australia. Jenny has a keen interest in, and many years of experience with, pre/post-natal training. She has worked across Australia & Asia, and moved to the UAE in February of 2019.

Jenny is passionate about training people to move well, often & efficiently, and Pilates offers this like no other form of training. Through her teaching, Jenny hopes to inspire others to find this same motivation and enthusiasm for Pilates. She aims to provide a balanced, well-rounded workout that increases energy, improves strength and encourages a healthier lifestyle.



Pilates Instructor

Leah’s journey with Pilates began when she was a teenager, her background as a ballet dancer meant muscle conditioning and rehabilitation were very important. Pilates and dance go hand in hand and even after she finished up dancing she continued Pilates as a compliment to her other active hobbies.

After completing her Bachelor of Commerce and working in a corporate environment she decided to change her career, and completed her Diploma of Professional Pilates Instruction in Perth, Australia in 2016. She is qualified in Mat, Reformer, Barrels, Cadillac and Chair, along with Pre/Post natal. Leah has been teaching in Australia since 2017 and made the move to Dubai in 2021 to continue furthering her career with Real Pilates.

When she’s not in the studio, Leah enjoys road trips and exploring the coastline, anything outdoors and active, dancing and trying out new restaurants.

Inside the studio, Leah aims to give her clients a fun, invigorating class with smooth transitions and exciting variations.

Maria headhsot B&W.jpg

Maria Paz

Pilates Instructor

Maria first fell in love with Pilates when she was a university student, undertaking a business degree in her hometown of Santiago, Chile. When she moved to Dubai and found Real Pilates, it was love at first sight. One day the idea of changing careers crossed her mind and she decided to go for it, signing up for her first course in 2014. Maria enjoys the precision of the movement and attention to alignment. She enjoys the satisfaction of helping people feel and move better and aims to educate her clients in the same way she learned when was one.

Maria is passionate about life, loves animals, travelling, nature, meditation and trying new experiences every time she gets a chance.

Maria is a STOTT PILATES Matwork and Reformer Instructor, Total Barre instructor and trained in Merrithew Fascial Movement. She currently teaches Group Pilates classes.

Rachael headhsot B&W.jpg


Pilates Instructor

Rachael’s love of trying new sports led her to Pilates and from day one she knew Pilates was for her. She decided she wanted to teach and share her knowledge after taking classes for over 10 years. She has trained in her beautiful native New Zealand as well as Australia, the US and now here in Dubai.

Rachael’s passion for Pilates shines through in every class. With an eye for detail, she motivates and encourages clients to get the most out of their workout with a focus on posture and technique.

Rachael has a Bachelor of Music degree and a background as a Flute Teacher and playing in orchestras. She also enjoys skiing and hiking. She has walked both the Camino Frances and Camino Portuguese, hundreds of kilometers across Spain and Portugal.

Rachael is a STOTT PILATES Instructor in Mat, Reformer, Cadillac, Chair and Barrels and Injuries and Special Populations. She has also completed a number of specialized workshops, including Pre- and Post-natal Pilates.

She teaches Mat, Reformer, Chair and Prenatal Pilates classes as well as private and semi-private sessions.



Yoga Instructor

Robin has been teaching Yoga as professional instructor for over 16 year, but his journey and deep relationship with Yoga started more 25 years ago in his beautiful native India.

In 1997 he started competing in various Yoga Competitions in India till 2002. After a few years of competitive break, in 2014, he started participating in international professional competitions this time. That same year he became also officially became an International Yoga Referee.

Robin has a Master’s in Physical Education and has been living in Dubai since 2003 with his wife Bhama who is also a highly skilled Yoga teacher. They have been sharing their knowledge and experience with healthy lifestyle enthusiasts and yogis from all walks of life. Robin believes Yoga has a real message for humanity – a holistic message of physical, mental and spiritual wellness. To Robin, Yoga is so much more than just an exercise form or a profession. His motto is: "practice Yoga and experience the changes in you".

At Real Pilates, Robin teaches Hatha Yoga group classes as well as private sessions on demand.

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Pilates Instructor

Vicki brings much knowledge and experience of teaching pilates to our studio. She was a medical negligence solicitor in the UK, but when she was injured she discovered the fantastic healing ability of pilates and loved the way it complemented her active lifestyle.

Training originally in the UK and then in Australia, Vicki believes that movement is lotion for the body and correct posture is essential for a high quality of life. She has been lucky enough to train with the best instructors internationally in the UK, Australia and throughout Europe. She loves applying her knowledge and personal experience to help clients improve their strength, mobility and flexibility, working with injured people up to elite athletes. You will find Vicki's positive attitude a great source of motivation.

Vicki is trained in matwork, cadillac, reformer and chair. She is also a STOTT PILATES and Total Barre trained instructor.

She teaches private and semi-private Pilates sessions and group Pilates classes.

Elizabeth Headshot  (low).jpg


Customer Service

Elizabeth was born and raised in Zimbabwe, having recently moved to Dubai in September 2021. She holds a diploma in Hotel Management and has a strong background in customer service as she has been trained and specialized in front office for two years. Prior to this, she had the pleasure of working in the dental industry.

Elizabeth has a passion for fashion so you will see her at the front desk always looking chic and dashing wearing the newest trends. Elizabeth is very family oriented and when she is not around her loved ones, you will find her reading books from her favorite author, Dan Brown. She is always keen to learn whatever she can to keep growing and improving. Solving problems, and making sure clients are well looked after is something she takes to heart.

Kathleen 1 BW.jpg


Customer Service

Having served in the airline industry for most of her adult life, Kathleen’s forte is her inherent ability to immediately connect with people and maintain strong relationships. During her flying days, she served as a Manager inflight overlooking efficient customer service while ensuring that safety information was accurately provided, and regulations were followed.

She holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and is constantly learning and updating her own knowledge and skills. She recently completed a diploma in Special Needs Education certified by KHDA and Cambridge Training College Britain.

Her passion is fur babies, devoting most of her free time to rescuing and fostering dogs and nothing gives her more happiness than seeing them placed in permanent homes across the globe. She also loves hiking, baking and music.

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Coming soon...

Michelle 3 BW.jpg


  • Assistant Manager
  • Business Development

Originally from Mexico City, Michelle loves all things travel; experiencing difference cultures, trying new cuisines, and getting to know new people. A self-confessed Barre fanatic, Michelle enjoys all types of sports and physical training activities, everything from football to Pilates.

Michelle holds a Bachelor of Science in Dietetics and has a passion for enabling others to achieve their goals, nothing gives her more satisfaction than seeing them succeed. She believes the secret lies in accepting greater responsibility for our own health and fitness. It is all about adopting and taking on a positive attitude toward achieving a balanced healthy mind and lifestyle.

Her high energy and passion for fun come with her in day-to-day life. Having lived in 4 different countries already, Michelle moved to Dubai in 2021 and is ready to take on another new country, and new adventure!

JLT Crew

Annette headshot B&W.jpg


Pilates Instructor

Annette’s love for movement started with ballet at the age of 5 in Panama where she is from. She grew up in in Panama City, surrounded by tropical nature and beautiful beaches. She was a ballet dance for 13 years, until she moved to London to complete her Master’s degree in Fashion Brand Management.

While working in the corporate world she felt something was missing. Having scoliosis and suffering from severe back pain nothing worked until she discovered Pilates and fell in love with it! She knew right away that this was the new direction of her life. So the shift to the Pilates world happened naturally and with immense enthusiasm. She pursued her new found passion at Real Pilates in Dubai and became a certified STOTT PILATES instructor certified in Mat and Reformer. The fact that Pilates allowed Annette to become pain free after years of suffering is the foundation of her desire to help others. She wants everyone to experience these and many other benefits of Pilates.

In her free time, you'll find Annette working on healthy new recipes! Eating healthy is part of her wellbeing. She strongly believes that the process of taking care of oneself happens both on the outside but also on the inside.

At Real Pilates, Annette teaches group mat and reformer classes as well as private and semi-private sessions.

Deepti (low).jpg


Pilates & Barre Instructor

Deepti has worked for multinational organizations in India with a career spanning over 17 years. After moving to Dubai, she got introduced to Pilates to cure her lower back and sciatic pain and was amazed to see the benefits.

Being a fitness enthusiast, she had always been keen to learn and explore more, so she decided to say goodbye to her corporate career and pursue her passion for fitness.

Deepti is very focused on efficient and effective movements and teaches a variety of Mat and Reformer group classes as well as private and semi-private sessions at Real Pilates.

She is a STOTT PILATES Certified Instructor for Mat, Reformer, Pre & Post Natal, Barre and Injuries & Special Populations.

Hayley headhsot B&W.jpg


Pilates & Barre Instructor

With more than 20 years experience in dance, Hayley has been involved in movement and wellbeing for as long as she can remember.

Her passion for all things fitness-related led her to complete a Bachelors degree in Exercise Science and become a Level 3 Personal Trainer. She discovered Pilates many years ago as part of her dance training and chose to complete a Diploma in Pilates as well undertaking additional training in Pilates Reformer and barre work. Originally from Scotland, Hayley has worked as an instructor in the UK and most recently Abu Dhabi. Hayley likes to bring high energy and fun to her classes and push her clients to their full potential in a safe and effective way.

She teaches private and semi-private Pilates sessions, group Pilates classes, as well as Body Burn and Real Barre classes.

Helen headhsot B&W.jpg


Pilates & Barre Instructor

Helen’s journey with Pilates started, as it does for many, with a personal success story. After going through hip surgery in 2015, Helen was put on a path to start Pilates as part of her rehabilitation process. Seeing the results on her own body, Helen fell in love with Pilates, and vowed to bring this joy and movement into other’s lives as well, and so began her journey to becoming a Pilates Instructor.

Helen found the perfect marriage with STOTT PILATES, and through Real Pilates became a STOTT PILATES certified Mat and Reformer Instructor, before completing the TOTAL BARRE course.

Helen truly believes movement is the key to slowing down the aging process. Her passion now is to educate clients on the essence of movement and instill in everyone Pilates principles they can use in their everyday lives, enabling them to move with more energy, less pain, improved endurance and strength.

Not surprisingly, her hobbies include hiking, rock climbing, snowboarding and scuba diving!

Helen teaches a variety of Mat, Reformer & Barre group classes, as well as private and semi-private sessions.

Helen T headshot B&W.jpg

Helen Louise

Pilates & Barre Instructor

Helen is from the UK and Dubai has been her home for 14 years. She worked in Banking in the UK for 18 years and for a number of years worked evenings teaching aerobics and step aerobic classes alongside her day job. She took a break from the corporate world in 2002 when she became a mum but kept up her active lifestyle with gym work, running, netball and tennis.

Feeling a need to complement her activities, Helen discovered Pilates 10 years ago and has been hooked ever since, loving both mat and equipment classes. With her children growing up, she decided to turn her passion into a new career for herself. She has completed her STOTT PILATES Level 1 & 2 Mat and Total Barre certification with Real Pilates.

She loves to share her passion and knowledge with others to help them feel the great benefits of Pilates that she herself has enjoyed. You can expect a lot of positive energy in every class.

Real Pilates Head Shots © Heather Bonker-142.jpg


Pilates & Yoga Instructor

Since her childhood in Brazil, Jessie has been passionate about sports, salsa and other Brazilian dancing styles. Jessie earned a degree in business management, but after some time in the corporate world, she decided to pursue her passion for movement. Since then, she has found real fulfillment.

When she took her first Pilates class over five years ago, she was amazed by how it made her body feel and how much it improved her strength and posture. She embarked on her education with Real Pilates: she trained in STOTT PILATES Matwork and Reformer, as well as TOTAL BARRE.

Yoga is the other love of Jessie's life. She is a RYT 500 Yoga Alliance teacher. When she discovered yoga for the first time, it was life changing. it gave her clarity, balance and inner peace. To her yoga is more than a series of movements, it is a way of life.

Jessie's classes are focused on technique and alignment with a systematic approach to building strength and balance, all with a nice hint of fun.

She teaches Group Pilates and Yoga classes, as well as Private Sessions.

Sanam headhsot B&W.jpg


Pilates & Barre Instructor

Sanam grew up in Iran and was introduced to Pilates when she moved to Canada. She quickly turned a love of Pilates into a new career. She became a certified mat instructor with the Physical Mind Institute of Canada, and completed her STOTT PILATES mat and reformer certification in Dubai. Sanam has skied from a young age and has a love of dance. She also has a BA from Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada, where she majored in Psychology and minored in Criminology. She teaches a variety of mat and reformer group classes as well as prenatal and private and semi-private personal training sessions.

Sanam is a STOTT PILATES instructor certified in Level 1 Matwork, Reformer and Injuries and Special Populations and a certified Total Barre instructor.

She teaches private and semi-private Pilates sessions, group Pilates, Body Burn and Real Barre classes.

Thomas headhsot B&W.jpg


Pilates & Yoga Instructor

At a very young age Thomas became aware of the imbalances in his own body, as he suffered from chronic back pain. This was later diagnosed as a mild scoliosis in the spine. His ongoing and keen interest in functional fitness and mindful-movement, first led him to practice Yoga in an attempt to manage his own postural issues. When he was introduced to Pilates in 2005, he was hooked for life! By diligently practicing Pilates and actively working on managing his scoliosis, he has been pain free ever since!

Thomas has been teaching Pilates since 2007 after he completed his Matwork and Reformer courses. He taught from his own studio until 2012 and has worked at various studios in South Africa since then.

Thomas holds a full certification (Matwork, Reformer, Cadillac, Chair, Barrels and Special Populations), which enables him to assist and instruct clients with postural issues, those in rehabilitation, as well as athletes looking for a challenging workout.

His motto is: “We all start somewhere, and can always improve, no matter how fit or weak we may feel”.

He teaches private and semi-private Pilates sessions, as well as group mat, reformer and chair Pilates classes.

Cathy headhsot B&W.jpg


  • Customer Service
  • Education Support

Catherine was part of the original Real Pilates team, arriving in Dubai in 2009, and has supported thousands of our members. She completed her Certificate of Computer Science at the Philippine American Computer Education before working as a data entry officer at Perfect Image Gym. She also held a secretarial role at the Kapis Mansion. Catherine was born in the Philippines, where she used to teach children catechism and volunteered in relief efforts after natural disasters hit her hometown. She loves reading books, camping and traveling.

Michelle 3 BW.jpg


  • Assistant Manager
  • Business Development

Originally from Mexico City, Michelle loves all things travel; experiencing difference cultures, trying new cuisines, and getting to know new people. A self-confessed Barre fanatic, Michelle enjoys all types of sports and physical training activities, everything from football to Pilates.

Michelle holds a Bachelor of Science in Dietetics and has a passion for enabling others to achieve their goals, nothing gives her more satisfaction than seeing them succeed. She believes the secret lies in accepting greater responsibility for our own health and fitness. It is all about adopting and taking on a positive attitude toward achieving a balanced healthy mind and lifestyle.

Her high energy and passion for fun come with her in day-to-day life. Having lived in 4 different countries already, Michelle moved to Dubai in 2021 and is ready to take on another new country, and new adventure!

Rita headhsot B&W.jpg


Customer Service

Rita joined Real Pilates in early 2011, first at our Jumeirah studio, before moving to the JLT studio where balances her time between helping existing members with their classes and private sessions and suggesting the right classes to new comers. Prior to that Rita had accumulated 5 years experience in customer service in Dubai, including over two years as a branch supervisor in a well-known salon where she successfully built strong client relationships. Rita grew up in Kenya and has a Certificate in Computers as well as qualification from the International Air Travel Agency (IATA). She spends her free time watching movies, swimming and being with family and friends. Her greatest gift is her ability to connect with people. Her mantra is always smile, be happy and in every situation, be calm.

Meydan Crew

Emma 1.jpeg


Pilates Instructor

Emma is from the UK and from a young age has had a keen interest in a variety of sports. From the UK, Emma moved to Vienna for 7 years where she worked at the United Nations.

In 2013, Emma decided to try out Pilates for the first time and immediately realised the benefits it provided and how well it complemented her other sporting interests and has loved it ever since. After relocating to Dubai, she took time out from work to care for her young children. When she was ready to return to the working world, she decided to pursue a career change and follow her passion for Pilates by training to be an instructor through Real Pilates. She has completed her STOTT PILATES Level 1 & 2 Mat and is also trained in pre- and postnatal pilates.

In her spare time Emma still loves to keep active and particularly enjoys running, cycling, kickboxing and, of course, Pilates!

Emma hopes to impart her enthusiasm and positivity for Pilates during her classes. Her goal is to improve the health and wellbeing of her clients through a better understanding of their bodies. Always studying new aspects of Pilates, Emma tries to keep her classes fun and innovative.

Emma currently teaches group mat classes and is available for private and semi-private sessions.

Faye 2.jpeg


Pilates Instructor

Faye is originally from the UK and spent a large part of her professional life working in Marketing and Sponsorship roles in Australia and the UK.

Having always suffered from scoliosis related back issues, she fortunately found Pilates as a form or preventative and rehabilitative exercise a long time ago and soon realized it was a necessity for her to be pain free. She has never looked back since!

After starting her family and moving to Dubai, Faye decided to have a career change and turn something that she loves into a career. She gained her Mat and Reformer Level 1 Certification here at Real Pilates. As a STOTT PILATES certified instructor, she loves how her training has changed her own spinal health and loves sharing the Pilates magic with all her clients!

Faye teaches Mat and Equipment group classes and is available for private and semi-private sessions.

Maria 2 low.JPG


Pilates, Yoga & Barre Instructor

Maria’s love for movement was born through a passion for dance. She began her professional dancing career in her hometown of Aracaju, in Brazil, over 20 years ago. As an expert Samba and Belly Dancer, Maria was performing all over the world before this passion led her to Pilates. She soon realized how much Pilates helped and healed her body after the years of strenuous training and knew then she wanted to share this with others.

Maria followed her new love for Pilates and completed her STOTT PILATES Matwork and Reformer certification right here at Real Pilates.

Maria brings her own unique style to each class, harmonizing humour, flair and attention to detail to get her clients working to their best abilities. From helping beginners to Pilates find their body’s potential, to pushing athletic clients to the next level, Maria also thrives in helping those affected with pain or dysfunction to regain their movement.

Maria teaches Mat, Reformer, Prenatal Pilates and Hatha Yoga, as well as private and semi-private sessions.

Sandra 2 low.jpeg


Pilates Instructor

Sandra had a long and illustrious career working in HR for luxury and boutique hotels in her native France and California before finding her way into the world of fitness.

Sandra found Pilates after she started training for marathons in an aim to achieve a fitter and healthier lifestyle. She was amazed with the results and started to practice as much as she could until she finally decided to follow her passion and leave the corporate world behind.

She completed her Matwork certification in London before moving to Dubai where she found Real Pilates. Sandra started teaching in 2014. Through her practice at Real Pilates, Sandra became even more passionate about Pilates; it’s mind-body connection, it’s breathing pattern facilitating movement, and the ability to help people move better with fun but awareness. And so, she decided to pursue her true passion and completed the STOTT PILATES Level 1 Reformer certification.

Sandra’s goal is to educate clients on how their bodies move and what should be done to make movements more efficient, pain free, whilst improving strength and endurance to use it in their everyday life, starting with breathing!

Sandra teaches Mat and Reformer group classes as well as private and semi-private sessions.

Mary low.jpg


Customer Service

After 9 years of experience in the aviation industry, Mary decided to challenge herself in a new world that describes her the best: fitness and wellbeing.

She started athletics back in high school and specialized in sprint (100m, 200m and hurdles). She loves watching the Olympic games. Marion Jones was her first inspiration and Kobe Bryant the athlete whom she looks up to and is inspired by in so many ways. Mary even coached her school’s local basketball team for 3 years.

Aside from sports, she has an unconditional love for all animals. She is always amazed by nature’s beauty. She grew up surrounded with the love of man’s best friend - dogs that her family and her used to rescue.

Mary lives and breathes music. Hip-hop, soul, RnB, Latino, 70s-80s… her music repertoire has no limits. She beloves music connects the world and she loves exploring new cultures through her travel or simply networking here in our beautiful cosmopolitan Dubai.

Reem - Copy.jpeg


Customer Service

Reem is originally from Lebanon and moved to Dubai to join the Real Pilates, Meydan team!

Currently pursuing a degree in Psychology, Reem realized she also wanted to gain practical experience and followed her passion for interacting with people and surrounding herself with various personalities and cultures by joining the Real Pilates customer service team! She is planning to pursue her Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology while learning and growing with Real Pilates and discovering her enthusiasm for fitness.

Reem used to train in Muay Thai. She believes that sports, especially Pilates and Yoga, are the best escape from any stressful environment and life in general. Reem believes in the power of a positive mindset and the fact that we have the control to turn any experience into positive energy! She hopes to create this environment at the studio and help all clients feel a little happier when they leave the studio, compared to when they came in!

In her spare time Reem enjoys researching, reading and developing skills and knowledge around these topics.

Fernanda - Copy.jpeg


Studio Manager

Fernanda was always passionate about sports and wellbeing from a very early age and holds a brown belt in Judo and a nursing certificate.

In the last sixteen years, she gathered knowledge from different sectors as she worked in aviation, hotel operations, and exhibition centers. She's always been working vigorously, leading her teams to deliver the best experiences to their customers. After going through spine surgery some years’ ago, Fernanda began to search for the best forms of exercise to help her recover and soon discovered Pilates. Her love for the discipline grew from here as she started to see the real benefits Pilates had on her body.

After becoming a mother, Fernanda started to feel the need to review her priorities and find a better work-life balance and started to explore career opportunities outside of the corporate world. When the position at Real Pilates - Meydan became available, Fernanda was delighted to find she could marry her love for Pilates in a positive working environment and found the exact opportunity she was looking for. Along with Sana and the Meydan team, Fernanda combines her passion for entrepreneurship and operations, driving the team to ensure excellent customer experiences.

Sana Headshot.png


Franchise Owner

Sana Mohammad Suhail is the franchise owner our most recent Meydan studio. Having worked in various UAE government departments her entire career, Sana also has a passion for wellness and has trained in Pilates and Yoga for many years. Combined with her entrepreneurial spirit, Sana turned her passion into a business by launching the first ever franchise for the brand.

Sana’s interest in wellbeing has grown over the years and she’s a firm believer that wellness is the best investment anyone can ever make in themselves. She has found that Pilates and Yoga are not only effective workouts, but balanced ones. To raise awareness of the amazing benefits of Pilates and Yoga alongside her love for the values that Real Pilates stands for, Sana decided to open the studio in Meydan near her beloved Nad Al Sheba community.

In her current role, Sana is the Head of Transition Office at the newly established Abu Dhabi Early Childhood Authority. Prior to that, she held the post of the Undersecretary at the Ministry of Community Development.

Instructor Trainers

Hayley headhsot B&W 2.jpg


  • Merrithew Instructor Trainer:
  • STOTT PILATES Matwork & Reformer
  • Functional Anatomy Instructor Trainer

With more than 20 years experience in dance, Hayley has been involved in movement and wellbeing for as long as she can remember.

Her passion for all things fitness-related led her to complete a Bachelors degree in Exercise Science and become a Level 3 Personal Trainer. She discovered Pilates many years ago as part of her dance training and chose to complete a Diploma in Pilates as well undertaking additional training in Pilates Reformer and barre work. Originally from Scotland, Hayley has worked as an instructor in the UK and in Abu Dhabi before moving to Dubai.

Hayley shares her knowledge of anatomy with passion and energy in a way that allows her students to truly understand, learn and be able to apply their learning to their practice and teaching of Pilates, yoga and functional fitness,

She teaches Functional Anatomy courses (level 1 & 2), STOTT PILATES Mat & Reformer courses (level 1 & 2) and TOTALL BARRE.

Jen headshot B&W.jpg


  • Merrithew Instructor Trainer:
  • STOTT PILATES Mat, Reformer, Cadillac, Chair, Barrels
  • Functional Anatomy Instructor Trainer

Jennifer first discovered Pilates in 2007 while she was living in Toronto. She was drawn to its teachings and the remarkable way it works for different body types. She has been lucky enough to travel the world and gain valuable experience and knowledge whilst practicing Pilates in various studios.

She moved to Dubai in 2008 and decided to turn her passion into a career and became a certified Instructor, undergoing training in Dubai as well as Toronto. In 2016, Jennifer went on to become a certified Instructor Trainer for Matwork and Reformer. She enjoys working with a range of clients, and draws great satisfaction from seeing others motivated and inspired to better themselves.

Jennifer has completed the STOTT PILATES full certification and is a certified STOTT PILATES Instructor Trainer for Matwork, Reformer, Cadillac, Chair and Barrels as well as numerous workshops.


Zoe headhsot B&W.jpg


General Manager

With a BSc in Psychology from the University of Aberdeen, Zoe moved to Dubai in 2012 continuing a long career in the Fashion Retail Industry. With an affinity for sports and fitness from being a professional swimmer in her youth, Zoe began to explore the various options for keeping fit in Dubai and soon found Real Pilates. She fell in love with the studios and Pilates in general, and was a loyal client for many years.

Developing on her new found love for Pilates, she completed the Intensive Mat Pilates course with Real Pilates in 2015, but her then full-time workload in the corporate world got in the way of building on this further. Then, in 2018 when the position of GM for the studios opened up, Zoe jumped at the chance to combine her extensive People Management, and Business Development experience with her passion for Pilates and wellness, and take on a new challenge.

Bita headhsot B&W.jpg


Co-Founder & Director of Education

Bita is the secret behind the extraordinary success of Real Pilates as the regional training centre for STOTT PILATES in the Middle East. With more than 50 courses and workshops successfully conducted since the inception of the studio, Bita has helped turn Real Pilates into the region's most respected centre for world-class Pilates education and certification. Bita was previously the director of sales and business development at a leading regional IT consultancy firm. Her passion and determination has helped build Real Pilates to where it is today.

Reza headhsot B&W.jpg


Founder & Managing Director

Reza spent 10 years in the corporate world, working with multinational companies, and developing a career that many would envy, but in early 2008 he gave it all up to answer his inner calling and dream of helping others. Reza realised it was the right time to lean on his culture and personal background, languages, travel experiences, skills and aspirations to create something special. And so was born Real Pilates, a mind and body haven where, with the help of Reza and his team of certified instructors, you can de-stress, restore, reconnect and grow. Reza is excited about helping people transform the relationship they have with their mind and body, and believes the richest life is that of those who enrich other people's lives. This is only the beginning of a promising journey, as Reza’s ambition is to explore other aspects of the world of wellness and continuously find new ways of helping others connect with their best inner self.

At Real Pilates, we believe in continuous education and ongoing training. All of our instructors are trained and mentored under the guidance of onsite Instructor Trainers.

All of our instructors are trained and certified in the STOTT PILATES method of exercise, one of the safest and most effective methods available. We are experts in our field and have specialist training in injuries and special populations such as pregnant women. Many of us have international experience and backgrounds in exercise physiology, rehabilitation, personal training, group exercise, weight training, yoga and dance.