Art with a Heart

The Story Behind the Painting at Real Pilates

Fushimi Inari.jpg

The moment you step into the welcoming reception area at Real Pilates, your gaze might be drawn to a captivating scene hanging on the wall. It depicts a vibrant red torii gate, a traditional Japanese entrance symbolizing liminality or a transition between the mundane and the spiritual. The story behind this artwork is as inspiring as the scene it portrays.

The artist, Narayan, was once a familiar face at Real Pilates, but not as an artist. He used to work as a security guard in the building where our founder, Reza, used to live. One day, Reza discovered Narayan’s hidden talent – his exceptional artistry. Recognizing the passion that burned brightly beneath the surface, the owner encouraged Narayan to pursue his dreams of becoming a full-time artist.

After overcoming challenges and a period away from Dubai, Narayan returned to the city, his artistic fire even stronger. He secured a place at a local gallery to showcase his work.

When Real Pilates opened its doors in Jumeirah in December 2009, Reza knew exactly who to commission for a special piece to grace the studio’s walls. Narayan was entrusted with transforming a photograph taken during Reza's years in Japan and a visit to Fushimi Inari in Kyoto, into a captivating artwork that would inspire those who entered the studio.

The resulting masterpiece is a testament to the power of following your dreams and the transformative impact of art. The vibrant colors and serene scene inspire a sense of peace and determination, perfectly complementing the atmosphere that Real Pilates strives to create.

More than just a Pilates studio, Real Pilates is a space that cultivates not only physical well-being but also a connection to creativity and the human spirit.

This story captures the essence of the artwork and the journey of the artist behind it. It also highlights the philosophy of Real Pilates, creating a connection between physical well-being and artistic expression.

You can reach out to Narayan by email: