STOTT PILATES® Pre & Post-Natal Workshop

This 6-hour workshop, draws upon the most current medical information, exercise guidelines and research available on pregnancy and movement. It's a combination of the following incredible workshops:

Safe and effective STOTT PILATES® Matwork exercise adaptations on the mat as well as with Stability Ball and Flex-Band® exerciser for moms-to-be are explored and programming concepts for teaching small groups and private clients are discussed. Anatomical and physiological changes, risk factors and movement considerations are also discussed with an eye to providing a safe and effective workout throughout all trimesters and provide strategies for building new pre-natal programs as well as enhancing those already in progress.

Most women can return to exercise four to six weeks after a regular birth or when they get clearance from their physician. Many of the exercises performed during the second and third trimester of pregnancy will be suitable now, but other exercises can be added to focus on reactivating and stabilizing the pelvic floor, transversus abdominis and obliques as well as developing lumbo-pelvic stability. This gentle but effective workout, incorporates Toning Balls™ to get new moms back on the right track.

Equipment / accessories used in this workshop:

  • Pilates Mat

  • Flex-Band

  • Stability Ball

Additional Details:

  • Workshop Length: 6 hours
  • CECs: REPs 6.0 | STOTT PILATES 6.0