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You can start with either IMP (mat course) or IR (reformer course). How you decide which one to do depends on factors such as your preference for one or the other format and/or your availability (weekends or consecutive days).

Our team will advise you based on your background, current situation and objectives. We will also guide you with the next steps:

  • continue your level 1 training (cadillac, chair and barrels)
  • move on to level 2 with advanced courses
  • complete the injuries and special populations course (ISP)
  • take your certification exam for one or several of the above modules

Please email us on with your contact details and someone from our education department will be in touch with you.

For urgent queries, you can also call us on +971-50-5529527. We'd ask you to please refrain from messaging us through Whatsapp or similar apps.

Jumeirah: 04-3453228 | JLT: 04-4585399

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