STOTT PILATES The Shoulder Girdle: Matwork Programming for Stability & Function

Explore the normal healthy functioning of the shoulder girdle, some of the interruptions that can occur and exercise progressions to restore optimal function in this lecture/demo developed by the Merrithew™ team. First, break down the anatomy and biomechanics, available range of motion and typical movement patterns of the shoulder girdle, analyzing scapular movement, humeral movement and relevant muscular action. Next, address some common abnormal or dysfunctional movement patterns that can result from injury or overuse. And finally, discover exercise progressions done on the Mat with small props to rebuild normal muscle action and movement patterning as well as shoulder girdle exercises that can challenge and prepare for specific activities and enhance performance.

Learning Objectives

  1. Understand optimal function and movement patterns of shoulder girdle
  2. Understand common dysfunctions
  3. Review anatomy and muscular involvement
  4. Learn Mat-based exercises and progressions to optimize shoulder girdle function

Equipment used in this workshop

  • 1 Pilates Mat
  • 1 Flex-Band®
  • 1 Fitness Circle®
  • 1 Mini Stability Ball™ - Small (Blue)
  • Foam Cushion 'C' (optional, based on availability)
  • Rotational Disks (10 or 12 in, 1 pair)
  • 1 Foam Roller™
  • 1 Arc Barrel
  • 1 Foam Cushion 'A'
  • 1 Foam Cushion 'B'
  • 1 Stability Ball™
  • Stability Cushions™ (1 pair)
  • Toning Balls™ (1 pair)

Additional Details

  • Workshop Length: 2 hours
  • 2.0 REPs CPDs