We allow auditing of the following courses if a student has previously taken them: IMP, IR, ICAD, ICHR, IBRL, AM, AR, ACAD, ACHR, or ABRL. We also allow auditing of the ISP course if taken post-June 2007 to present. We do not however, allow auditing of any Functional Anatomy course and any of the workshops we offer (CEC / introductory) as the main goal of the workshops is continuing education and not certification.

All auditing request must first be approved in advance in writing by our education department.

Please note that when auditing a course, you are asked to observe the course; active participation in the course would not be advised unless specifically invited to by the instructor trainer during the session. Any questions or remarks you may have would need to be addressed to the instructor trainer during the breaks if time allows. This is to ensure that students who registered to participate in the course will get the full attention of the instructor trainer.