Complimentary Pilates Lectures

The purpose of these lecture / demonstration style sessions is to allow us the opportunity to explore a specific part of your body and better understand its role in our movement patterns & to better familiarise yourself with the cues you’ve heard but not always understood, removing the confusion so your better able to incorporate them into your exercises.

Our intention is to empower you with the knowledge & ability to influence your exercise outcome positively and avoid unnecessary stressful consequences due to misunderstandings during your Pilates sessions. Learning these skills will allow you to own the longevity and freedom your body has the potential to achieve.

Each week we’ll explore a structure & exercise myth and see if together we can unlock our bodies secrets , gaining more effortless & graceful movement without sacrificing endurance & strength.

Hope you all find these sessions helpful and can then incorporate your new found knowledge with confidence when you next train at Real Pilates.

Head & Cervical Issues and Positioning

  • October 23, 2019
  • From 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm
  • Location: JLT Studio
  • Description: This is often most clients' Achilles heel when exercising. Let’s ensure you understand where & why this structure is positioned and why it’s vital to overall health & movement. Come and find out how to achieve pain free movement of your head & particularly the Neck.

To reserve your spot, please call 04-4585399.