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This 4 week workshop series will help prepare participants of what to expect and help with some of the fear around giving birth. The course breakdown is as follows:

  • Day 1:
  • - Birth Image
  • - Birth Physiology
  • - Birthing Phases
  • - EFT Tapping
  • Day 2:
  • - Birthing Positions
  • - Breathing Exercises
  • Day 3:
  • - Inductions
  • - Interventions
  • - Pain Relief
  • Day 4:
  • - Hospital Bag
  • - Birth Plan

Presenter Bio:

Maria is a Holistic Birth Doula and Healing Practitioner.

In 2022, Maria started working as a Birth Doula and Holistic Baby Coach specializing in breastfeeding, baby sleep, baby led weaning, baby wearing and baby massage. Following her passion, she also gained a certification as an Infant Formula Feeding Specialist as well as Postpartum Belly Binding specialist. Most recently, Maria added EFT Tapping, ThetaHealing and Sound Healing to her portfolio, as she strongly believes that giving birth should be prepared on a spiritual level as well, especially the healing aspect (prenatal & postpartum).

Maria's approach is aimed towards a natural, self-empowered birth and to free women from any existing fear.

Important Notice:

Please note that the Birthing Preparation Workshop Series led by Maria Diab is designed to provide valuable information and support in preparing for childbirth. However, it is important to remember that the workshop topics discussed are not a substitute for medical advice or instructions from your healthcare provider. Real Pilates assumes no responsibility for any decisions or actions taken based on the information shared during the workshop. Please consult with your doctor or healthcare professional for personalized guidance regarding your pregnancy and birthing process.