One JLT Parking Warning

Parking & building access policy reminder:

We have received feedback from building management with regards to incidents during which Real Pilates’ clients have not been adhering to the new parking and building access regulations. For example, two or more people using a single access card to enter from the 1st floor, people climbing over barriers on the 1st floor, and people not providing ID when entering from reception.

Please note that access cards cannot be shared. If arriving together, the person/s without an access MUST enter though the reception on the Ground Floor. Building management reserve the right, at their discretion, to take action in cases where this is not followed, including deactivating the access card that is passed between people.

For those clients with access cards, please remember that the card is needed not only at the parking barrier, but also to access the building from the 1st floor, and climbing over the barrier is not allowed. Building management have advised this would be classified as trespassing, which is a serious offence.

As a reminder, when entering through reception as a ‘guest’ you will be required, on the first visit only, to go through a short registration process. For all subsequent visits you will still need your ID, but will simply hand it to security and receive a temporary pass.

Please be aware that we have exercised maximum efforts to minimise inconvenience, and provide the smoothest transition into the new regulations as possible. We would kindly ask that all clients respect the new rules and regulations, and follow the process as outlined previously above.


Real Pilates Management