What is a Real Pilates franchise?

We are a specialised boutique Pilates studio that offers high quality Pilates & Yoga group classes and bespoke private sessions.

Unlike our competitors, we only follow one methodology, equipment brand and education system. All instructors are full-time employees who are STOTT PILATES certified, i.e. no freelancers, no mix of methods, exercise approaches, etc.

Real Pilates’s objective is simple: enriching people’s lives. With us, you will make a significant and tangible impact in the wellbeing of people coming from of all walks of life, whatever their mind and body objectives be; injury rehab, toning, general fitness, weight loss, healthy pregnancy, athletic conditioning, etc.

We currently have three outlets operating in prime locations in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, including one franchised location.

Real Pilates serves multicultural middle to high-income customers. The size of a typical Real Pilates varies from 2,000 to 4,500 sqft with a customer flow of 150 to 180 customers per day.