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Pilates Instructor

With over 10 years experience in the Fitness Industry, Csilla is a Certified STOTT PILATES Instructor in Mat, Reformer, Cadillac, Chair & Barrels. She is also qualified in pre and post-natal Pilates.

Her passion for Pilates stemmed from personal experience, as she suffered an ankle injury while running the New York Marathon in 2010, and saw first-hand the remarkable effects Pilates had on her rehabilitation. Being a triathlete, Pilates soon became part of Csilla’s everyday routine in a quest to remain strong and injury free. Csilla then embarked on her journey of becoming a Pilates instructor, and has trained in London, Czech Republic, Malaysia and Dubai.

Csilla moved to the UAE in 2012, and has worked in both Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

She teaches private Pilates sessions and group Pilates classes,

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Pilates & Barre Instructor

Helen’s journey with Pilates started, as it does for many, with a personal success story. After going through hip surgery in 2015, Helen was put on a path to start Pilates as part of her rehabilitation process. Seeing the results on her own body, Helen fell in love with Pilates, and vowed to bring this joy and movement into other’s lives as well, and so began her journey to becoming a Pilates Instructor.

Helen found the perfect marriage with STOTT PILATES, and through Real Pilates became a STOTT PILATES certified Mat and Reformer Instructor, before completing the TOTAL BARRE course.

Helen truly believes movement is the key to slowing down the aging process. Her passion now is to educate clients on the essence of movement and instill in everyone Pilates principles they can use in their everyday lives, enabling them to move with more energy, less pain, improved endurance and strength.

Not surprisingly, her hobbies include hiking, rock climbing, snowboarding and scuba diving!

Helen teaches a variety of Mat, Reformer & Barre group classes, as well as private and semi-private sessions.

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Pilates & Barre Instructor

Jenny’s interest in Pilates started after 12 years as a competitive figure skater, dancer and gymnast in Australia. She continued regular Pilates sessions whilst studying business at university, and the classes were always the highlight of her day. After 3 years in a corporate working environment and battling some ongoing back issues, her passion for Pilates led her to become a certified Pilates instructor in 2009.

She is also a certified Personal Trainer, Barre Instructor, TRX/Suspension trainer, Post-Rehabilitation & FMS certified, and spent many years as a course presenter in Australia. Jenny has a keen interest in, and many years of experience with, pre/post-natal training. She has worked across Australia & Asia, and moved to the UAE in February of 2019.

Jenny is passionate about training people to move well, often & efficiently, and Pilates offers this like no other form of training. Through her teaching, Jenny hopes to inspire others to find this same motivation and enthusiasm for Pilates. She aims to provide a balanced, well-rounded workout that increases energy, improves strength and encourages a healthier lifestyle.

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Pilates & Barre Instructor

Born in Riga, Latvia, Ketija spent two years studying in London where she successfully completed her Extended Diploma with distinction in Sports and Exercise Science.

To further her education and to follow her true passion, Ketija moved to Dubai in 2015 since when she has become a certified STOTT PILATES instructor in Mat, Reformer, Cadillac, Stability Chair & Barrels. Ketija is also qualified in Pre & Post Natal Pilates, Injuries and Special Populations as well as being a fully certified REPs UK & UAE Personal Trainer.

Ketija's focus in life is on a healthy body and mind, and when not teaching or training in Pilates, she enjoys swimming, spinning, yoga, boxing, circuit training and snowboarding.

Ketija, with her amazing and fun attitude, brings a wealth of passion, expertise and motivation to her classes. She is the proud Winner of the 2017 Rising Star of the Year award at the Sport 360 Fit Awards.

She teaches group Pilates, Body Burn and Real Barre classes, as well as private and semi-private sessions.

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Maria Paz

Pilates Instructor

Maria first fell in love with Pilates when she was a university student, undertaking a business degree in her hometown of Santiago, Chile. When she moved to Dubai and found Real Pilates, it was love at first sight. One day the idea of changing careers crossed her mind and she decided to go for it, signing up for her first course in 2014. Maria enjoys the precision of the movement and attention to alignment. She enjoys the satisfaction of helping people feel and move better and aims to educate her clients in the same way she learned when was one.

Maria is passionate about life, loves animals, travelling, nature, meditation and trying new experiences every time she gets a chance.

Maria is a STOTT PILATES Matwork and Reformer Instructor, Total Barre instructor and trained in Merrithew Fascial Movement. She currently teaches Group Pilates classes.

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Pilates Instructor

Rachael’s love of trying new sports led her to Pilates and from day one she knew Pilates was for her. She decided she wanted to teach and share her knowledge after taking classes for over 10 years. She has trained in her beautiful native New Zealand as well as Australia, the US and now here in Dubai.

Rachael’s passion for Pilates shines through in every class. With an eye for detail, she motivates and encourages clients to get the most out of their workout with a focus on posture and technique.

Rachael has a Bachelor of Music degree and a background as a Flute Teacher and playing in orchestras. She also enjoys skiing and hiking. She has walked both the Camino Frances and Camino Portuguese, hundreds of kilometers across Spain and Portugal.

Rachael is a STOTT PILATES Instructor in Level 1 and 2 Mat, Reformer, Cadillac, Chair and Barrels and Injuries and Special Populations. She has also completed a number of specialised workshops.

She teaches Mat, Reformer, Chair and Prenatal Pilates classes as well as private and semi-private sessions.

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Pilates Instructor

Vicki brings much knowledge and experience of teaching pilates to our studio. She was a medical negligence solicitor in the UK, but when she was injured she discovered the fantastic healing ability of pilates and loved the way it complemented her active lifestyle.

Training originally in the UK and then in Australia, Vicki believes that movement is lotion for the body and correct posture is essential for a high quality of life. She has been lucky enough to train with the best instructors internationally in the UK, Australia and throughout Europe. She loves applying her knowledge and personal experience to help clients improve their strength, mobility and flexibility, working with injured people up to elite athletes. You will find Vicki's positive attitude a great source of motivation.

Vicki is trained in matwork, cadillac, reformer and chair. She is also a STOTT PILATES and Total Barre trained instructor.

She teaches private and semi-private Pilates sessions and group Pilates classes.

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  • Customer Service
  • Education Support

Alicia was born and raised in Colombia. After graduating from Jorge Tadeo Lozano University of Bogota in Marketing and Advertising, Alicia sought to continue her education by traveling to the UAE.

After a decade working in the hospitality industry (where Alicia also won the prestigious Emaar Employee of the Year Award in 2018), she decided to make a change in careers and move towards an industry that better matched her lifestyle.

A keen photographer, Alicia enjoys spending her free time visiting all the culturally rich areas of the UAE and is also a fully qualified and licensed Tour Guide. Alicia also enjoys working in video editing and filmography and has frequently been interviewed for both tv and radio in her native country, Colombia.

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Customer Service

Originally from Zimbabwe, Leigh spent six years living in Australia before she moved to Dubai and joined the Real Pilates team. Travelling has helped her appreciate different cultures and so she loves interacting with our clients and learning about the great variety of countries they all come from. Leigh has previous experience in customer service and health care as she loves roles where she can help people.

Leigh intends to further her studies in Software Engineering. She loves all things gadget related so when you need to understand your latest iPhone update, she’s your girl. When she’s not at Real Pilates, you’ll find her listening to music or enjoying her new passion for watching sports.