Meydan Crew

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Pilates Instructor

Andrea possesses a diverse background encompassing office management, accountancy, and sales. Having resided in various countries, including Portugal, Kuwait, Indonesia, and Bangkok, she returned to Dubai in 2022 after a previous stay there. Her introduction to pilates occurred around 2010, when a close friend sparked her interest, leading to pilates becoming her true passion. Since early 2018, Andrea has been actively practicing Pilates and has achieved her STOTT PILATES Matwork certification.

In 2020, she suffered a shoulder injury that necessitated a rotator cuff repair. This experience taught her the value of simplicity in regaining movement. Through Pilates, Andrea rediscovered her strength, mobility, and mental well-being. She emphasizes the significance of proper movement and foundational strength in everyday life. By inspiring individuals to explore their capabilities and enjoy exercising, she aims to enrich their lives and overall well-being.

Alongside Pilates, Andrea is also a Certified Personal Trainer accredited by the American Council on Exercise (ACE), a Certified Nutrition Coach, and has completed the TRX Suspension Training Course. Fearless in guiding individuals through challenges, she derives satisfaction from teaching and assisting others in improving their quality of life by sharing her enthusiasm and passion for Pilates.

Fluent in Hungarian, English, and German, Andrea enjoys walking, running, scuba diving, and photography during her leisure time.

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Pilates & Barre Instructor

Joumana's adventurous spirit and love for challenges led her to the world of Pilates. Intrigued by the possibilities it offered for her body's potential and functionality, she embraced the practice with curiosity and passion.

Driven by a thirst for knowledge, Joumana sought out STOTT PILATES, where she honed her skills in Matwork, Reformer and Prenatal Pilates. Soon after, her passion for music and dance led her to pursue training in Total Barre.

In her classes, Joumana infuses her unique blend of motivation and positivity. She places great emphasis on ensuring proper body alignment, prioritizing the well-being and safety of her clients. Recognizing the uniqueness of each individual, she provides gentle yet effective guidance, empowering them to progress at their own pace.

Expect her love for exploration, thirst for knowledge, and ability to inspire others to make her classes engaging and rewarding for all who join her on this transformative journey.

With fluency in Arabic, English, and French, at Real Pilates, Joumana teaches group mat, reformer, prenatal and barre classes, as well as private and semi-private sessions.

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Pilates Instructor

Lilian is a dedicated wellness professional with a passion for helping others improve their physical and mental well-being through Pilates. She is a certified STOTT PILATES Mat and Reformer instructor, as well as a specialist in Health Psychology, Lifestyle Medicine, and Self-Control from Harvard University. With her diverse background and wealth of academic and life experience, she is able to create personalized training programs that are both effective and enjoyable for her clients.

Lilian is fluent in multiple languages, including her native Portuguese and English, as well as Arabic, which she has acquired through her 23 years of living in the UAE and the Middle East. Her ability to connect with her clients and understand their specific goals and lifestyles allows her to tailor her Pilates sessions to meet their individual needs and expectations. Whether her clients seek to become stronger, alleviate pain, or enhance their overall sense of well-being, Lilian is dedicated to helping them achieve their goals and become the best version of themselves.

Lilian teaches group mat and reformer classes, and is available for private and semi-private sessions.



Pilates, Yoga & Barre Instructor

Maria’s love for movement was born through a passion for dance. She began her professional dancing career in her hometown of Aracaju, in Brazil, over 20 years ago. As an expert Samba and Belly Dancer, Maria was performing all over the world before this passion led her to Pilates. She soon realized how much Pilates helped and healed her body after the years of strenuous training and knew then she wanted to share this with others.

Maria followed her new love for Pilates and completed her STOTT PILATES Matwork and Reformer certification right here at Real Pilates.

Maria brings her own unique style to each class, harmonizing humour, flair and attention to detail to get her clients working to their best abilities. From helping beginners to Pilates find their body’s potential, to pushing athletic clients to the next level, Maria also thrives in helping those affected with pain or dysfunction to regain their movement.

Maria teaches mat, reformer, prenatal pilates and hatha yoga, as well as private and semi-private sessions.



Customer Service

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Customer Service

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Customer Service

Doriane, a Cameroonian raised in Buea, South West Region, is a multi-talented individual with a passion for dance and law. From a young age, she honed her skills in Afro and coupé decalé dance, becoming a professional dancer in 2015. She holds a degree in law and enjoys engaging in debates, even on topics outside of her expertise. Traveling and meeting new people are among her favorite activities, and her warm and friendly personality makes her a natural people person.

Since moving to the UAE, Doriane has been working at the front desk as a customer service representative and receptionist, where her expertise in professionalism, patience, and putting people first has shone brightly. Her work has been going well and she has been making a positive impact on those she interacts with.

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Studio Manager

Fernanda was always passionate about sports and wellbeing from a very early age and holds a brown belt in Judo and a nursing certificate.

In the last sixteen years, she gathered knowledge from different sectors as she worked in aviation, hotel operations, and exhibition centers. She's always been working vigorously, leading her teams to deliver the best experiences to their customers. After going through spine surgery some years’ ago, Fernanda began to search for the best forms of exercise to help her recover and soon discovered Pilates. Her love for the discipline grew from here as she started to see the real benefits Pilates had on her body.

After becoming a mother, Fernanda started to feel the need to review her priorities and find a better work-life balance and started to explore career opportunities outside of the corporate world. When the position at Real Pilates - Meydan became available, Fernanda was delighted to find she could marry her love for Pilates in a positive working environment and found the exact opportunity she was looking for. Along with Sana and the Meydan team, Fernanda combines her passion for entrepreneurship and operations, driving the team to ensure excellent customer experiences.

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Franchise Owner

Sana Mohammad Suhail is the franchise owner our most recent Meydan studio. Having worked in various UAE government departments her entire career, Sana also has a passion for wellness and has trained in Pilates and Yoga for many years. Combined with her entrepreneurial spirit, Sana turned her passion into a business by launching the first ever franchise for the brand.

Sana’s interest in wellbeing has grown over the years and she’s a firm believer that wellness is the best investment anyone can ever make in themselves. She has found that Pilates and Yoga are not only effective workouts, but balanced ones. To raise awareness of the amazing benefits of Pilates and Yoga alongside her love for the values that Real Pilates stands for, Sana decided to open the studio in Meydan near her beloved Nad Al Sheba community.

In her current role, Sana is the Head of Transition Office at the newly established Abu Dhabi Early Childhood Authority. Prior to that, she held the post of the Undersecretary at the Ministry of Community Development.