Meydan Crew

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Pilates & Yoga Instructor

Maria’s love for movement was born through a passion for dance. She began her professional dancing career in her hometown of Aracaju, in Brazil, over 20 years ago. As an expert Samba and Belly Dancer, Maria was performing all over the world before this passion led her to Pilates. She soon realized how much Pilates helped and healed her body after the years of strenuous training and knew then she wanted to share this with others.

Maria followed her new love for Pilates and completed her STOTT PILATES Matwork and Reformer certification right here at Real Pilates.

Maria brings her own unique style to each class, harmonizing humour, flair and attention to detail to get her clients working to their best abilities. From helping beginners to Pilates find their body’s potential, to pushing athletic clients to the next level, Maria also thrives in helping those affected with pain or dysfunction to regain their movement.

Maria teaches Mat, Reformer, Prenatal Pilates and Hatha Yoga, as well as private and semi-private sessions.

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Pilates Instructor

Rebecca’s passion for Pilates came about, like so many, through an injury resulting from running in 2011. During this time the only exercises possible for Rebecca, had to be on the mat, using light equipment, and Pilates was the answer to keeping mentally and physically healthy.

It was a revelation and the idea of a new career was born. Previously Rebecca has worked in the corporate and television industry, attaining a BA (hons) from Brunel University, in 1999.

Her motivation for working as a pilates instructor is to help people move better, educating them on how their body moves with ways to improve it, invoking modern scientific movement patterns, specializing in injuries and special populations.

Rebecca loves the outdoors, especially the sea, having previously worked as a Dive Master in Thailand, whilst there she also found a love of rock climbing. Since living in the ME for over 12 years, her passion for kitesurfing was born as all things related to the water including SUP boarding and wakeboarding. Her motto is ‘you are stronger than your mind thinks you are’.

Rebecca is a STOTT PILATES instructor, certified in Pre/Postnatal Pilates, Injuries and Special Populations and the Fascial Movement. She teaches Mat and Reformer group classes and private sessions.

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Pilates Instructor

Sandra had a long and illustrious career working in HR for luxury and boutique hotels in her native France and California before finding her way into the world of fitness.

Sandra found Pilates after she started training for marathons in an aim to achieve a fitter and healthier lifestyle. She was amazed with the results and started to practice as much as she could until she finally decided to follow her passion and leave the corporate world behind.

She completed her Matwork certification in London before moving to Dubai where she found Real Pilates. Sandra started teaching in 2014. Through her practice at Real Pilates, Sandra became even more passionate about Pilates; it’s mind-body connection, it’s breathing pattern facilitating movement, and the ability to help people move better with fun but awareness. And so, she decided to pursue her true passion and completed the STOTT PILATES Level 1 Reformer certification.

Sandra’s goal is to educate clients on how their bodies move and what should be done to make movements more efficient, pain free, whilst improving strength and endurance to use it in their everyday life, starting with breathing!

Sandra teaches Mat and Reformer group classes as well as private and semi-private sessions.

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Operations Manager

An aspiring triathlete, Tanita has a passion for anything fitness and health related. Her journey into the world of wellness began in 2011 in South Africa and continues to play a role in her daily routine. You will find her swimming, biking, or running in any free time she has.

Despite holding a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Science from the University of South Africa, Tanita finds personal success in creating environments that help and encourage others to find the same joy that she feels, with physical exercise. She loves organizing group rides, swims or fun outdoor activities for friends, family, and strangers alike, anyone who needs encouragement and might not necessarily have the confidence to take part on their own.

With over 5 years’ experience in managing fitness studios in Dubai, Tanita has now found home at the Real Pilates with a team of people who share the same enthusiasm and outlook on life.