Covid-19 FAQ

Is it safe to visit the studio?

All fitness facilities in Dubai must comply with strict guidelines imposed by Dubai Government. You can be assured that Real Pilates has gone above and beyond these requirements and has successfully passed the Dubai Municipality inspection.

What safety measures have you put in place?

The safety of our clients and staff members is our number 1 priority. We have implemented all the required mandatory measures such as 2-metre physical distances, class capacity reductions of up to 60% (beyond mandatory requirements), sanitisation stations across the studio, gap between classes to ensure thorough sanitisation of equipment, systematic disinfection of equipment before and after each use, removal of all mats, props and accessories, contactless booking, checking in and payment processes and more! You can find the detailed reopening guidelines here - please note that these are subject to changes based on updated instructions from the Dubai Government.

Do I need to wear a mask?

In line with the Dubai Sports Council's guidelines (update no. 2), it is mandatory to wear masks at all times. Clients are allowed to temporarily lower their masks while engaged in strenuous physical exercise, or if they have difficulty breathing adequately. They must however put their masks back on again as soon as the exercise is over, before cleaning the equipment and leaving the room and while walking through the premises. Please note masks must be worn correctly to cover nose and mouth. Clients who do not respect these rules will be requested to leave in accordance with the law.

Our front desk and support staff wear both masks and gloves at all times, while our instructors wear masks and will maintain a 2-metre safety distance with clients.

Is your facility inspected by the authorities?

Absolutely! Regular inspections are conducted by inspectors from the Dubai Municipality, the Dubai Economic Department, the Dubai Sports Council and the DMCC Authority.

Are clients above 60 years young allowed?

Yes, in line with existing precautionary measures related to resumption of sports activities, the Dubai Sports Council announced the lifting of all restrictions imposed on people above 60 years old as of June 18th 2020 within strict commitment to all precautionary measures and protocols to assure the safety of fitness practitioners.

What happens to the package I bought before the lockdown?

All packages still valid at the time of our closure on March 15th have been extended for the entire period we were closed (until May 27), so you would not have lost any sessions in the period. This is valid even if you used them to attend virtual classes during the lockdown period. In case your extension has been missed, please email us and we will immediately rectify the error.

How can I help Real Pilates and everyone else?

Remember that #We_Are_All_Responsible. The single most effective way you can help us and everyone around you in by frequently and thoroughly washing your hands with soap and water (use sanitisers if not available), maintaining physical distances, wearing a mask, being patient and respectful towards others and smiling - even under your mask - eyes can smile too!

Please let others know how safe our studios are and encourage them to join us. Not only will you help them by making them healthier, stronger and happier, but you will also help us navigate through these economically challenging times. #FitnessIsTheAnswer