Functional Anatomy

The REAL PILATES Functional Anatomy (FA) course is the perfect preparation for the STOTT PLATES Pilates Matwork and Reformer courses. This 20-hour module, usually conducted over 2 weekends, is also ideal for new students wanting to commence their anatomy study, or fitness professionals wishing to refresh their knowledge. It's also great if you want to understand your own body better, and improve your own Pilates or Yoga practice through greater awareness and a solid theoretical grounding. This course will help you build a foundation in functional anatomy and physiology, and gain confidence in understanding how the human body moves, generates force and supports itself through daily tasks (biomechanics).

Over 20 hours you will:

  • Learn to communicate and understand the precise language of anatomy – including terminology for position, direction of movement, planes of motion, joint actions and names.
  • Be introduced to the major muscles of the body, origin and insertion of muscles, and their function.
  • Explore Basic muscle chemistry including different muscle fibre types, and practical implications for training.
  • Review postural theory - Begin to apply your knowledge of anatomy to basic pilates exercises.

Check our training calendar to find out the upcoming FA course date that best suits and get you started!

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