Junior Pilates

What is Junior Pilates?

It is a 10-week program of Pilates designed to introduce children to the world of Pilates with the mission of developing mind-body awareness at a young age. The goal is to teach them about the importance of posture and basic exercises that promote proper alignment and healthy joints, while building core muscle strength, stability and coordination.

Who is teaching the course?

Malicah Eissa is teaching the course. She is a STOTT PILATES Certified Instructor and mum of two.

Who can enroll?

Any child, boy or girl, aged between 7-14 at the time of the course commencement.


7-9 Year Olds:

  • JLT, Mondays 4-5pm, Sep 18 - Nov 20
  • Jumeirah, Saturdays 9-10am, Sep 23 - Nov 25

10-14 Year Olds:

  • JLT, Wednesdays, 4-5pm, Sep 20 - Nov 22
  • Jumeirah, Saturdays 10-11am, Sep 23 - Nov 25

What is my child misses a session?

Kids enrol in one particular course. They come on EITHER Tuesdays or Saturdays. In the event that they miss a class, they will have the option to make up their class on an alternative day, if there is space. E.g. If I am sick on Tuesday but there is room on Saturday I can do my make up class then.

How much?

The 10-week term is AED 850. All terms must be paid in full at the time of enrolment. Anyone who enrols and pays in full by August 31 is entitled to the early bird discount and pay only AED 700.

Jumeirah: 04-3453228 | JLT: 04-4585399

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